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What do a retired Social Worker and retired Professor have in common? Friendship and a desire to stay healthy by walking. Chester Cornell and Arland Lyons have known one another through their church for many years; they even traveled to Juarez, Mexico on the same mission trip. Fast forward a few years and imagine their surprise to find themselves living in the same retirement community just down the hall from one another.

They are easy to spot walking around the Cove building – Arland carries a big walking stick. They usually make four trips around the building, which is just over a mile, and they try to do this four days a week. Their goal is to “keep moving” and their efforts will likely bring them longer years with less disability.

Anyone can start walking to stay healthy and mobile as you age. Having a friend to walk with is an added bonus.

We’d do well to remember these words of wisdom, “It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.”

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