For a period of fifteen years and as recent as 2015, Good Shepherd sought the support of our founding church denominations through their present-day leaders, their staff, and congregation members by hosting an annual “Bishops’ Luncheon” – a ticketed event consisting of an elegant meal, music, and notable guest speakers. Those denominations consist of the Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches, whose predecessors’ vision gave birth to ‘Good Shepherd Ecumenical Retirement Community’ in 1975. In 2016, Good Shepherd Community’s board of directors determined that the Bishops’ Luncheon should no longer serve as a fund raising vehicle, but that we develop new ways to maintain and deepen our collaboration with these leaders to maintain the decades-long relational ties we have enjoyed with our founders.

In the future, we plan to organize events that continue to envelope the present-day leaders, their staff, and congregation members so that we may draw from their wisdom, and implore their blessings as we endeavor to provide the highest degree of service and quality of life to our residents.

Good Shepherd Community

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