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On a recent walk with her dog, Precious, Rhinehart resident, Carolyn, admitted that she was uncertain about moving to Good Shepherd. She watched, prayed, waited, and eventually did move here. Carolyn started connecting with people right away – from the first person she met, another Carolyn, to a staff member who also has the same unusual breed of dog – she knew that she was in the right place.

dog on leashCarolyn’s way of thinking began to change when it occurred to her that her feelings were not unique and that others had sorted through the same thoughts and emotions as they transitioned to living in a senior community. Carolyn worked as a nurse before retiring and has cared for others her whole life. She believes that she is here to bring happiness to others at Good Shepherd.

She takes great joy in spreading cheer and sharing her faith with her neighbors. She went from thinking that she didn’t need this community to knowing that this community needed her! Good Shepherd is lucky to have her.

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