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There is a profusion of flowers and plant life each spring that beckons residents to visit the Cove Memorial Garden. This is due to the over-the-years efforts of several residents who have taken a special interest in gardening. It’s an ongoing project whose continuation is dependent upon donations and the vision of a few residents who have an interest in making sure our residents have a beautiful place to relax outdoors. We also have the assistance of a master gardenerwho lends her time and expertise to the garden out of her generosity and her absolute love of gardening.

The plantings, together with the mossy green carpet and large rocks, makes an inviting space in which our residents are encouraged to take a stroll, rock in a glider, visit with a friend, have a picnic, or just enjoy some solitude. Our residents should be sure to look for the dogwood trees, Japanese lacy leaf maple tree, knockout roses, hydrangeas, rhododendron, and, of course, those gorgeous azaleas. Be sure to listen for the wind chimes, a purchase made possible by the combined donations of several residents.

Good Shepherd is proud of our residents’ caring involvement and proud to have such a beautiful space for our residents to appreciate.

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