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UAMS nursing students visit Good Shepherd Community twice a year to interact with our senior residents. Their visits are part of their clinical training and gives the students a chance to observe and interact with the elderly population that they’ll likely be working with at some point in their careers. They are also able to gain a firsthand look at independent living and the options seniors have by touring our apartments, learning about our services, and seeing amenities like the library, the gym, and activities room. This is especially beneficial for those who may become case managers, according to their supervisors.

Residents enjoy interacting with the nursing students and the sounds coming from the activity room are comprised of laughter and happy chatter. One of the highlights for the residents is being able to teach the students the games they love to play like cards, dominos, and board games. They also enjoy listening to the nurses as they tell them about their schooling and the careers they will take on after they graduate in May.

Good Shepherd residents enjoy their time with the student nurses and the change to their usual routine is uplifting.  Our residents enjoy the idea that they are contributing to the students’ classwork – a way of giving to the future healthcare community.

Good Shepherd Community

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