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Visits from Nursing Students are Mutually Beneficial

UAMS nursing students visit Good Shepherd Community twice a year to interact with our senior residents. Their visits are part of their clinical training and gives the students a chance to observe and interact with the elderly population that they’ll likely be working with at some point in their careers. They are also able to…

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resident by fish tank


Most people have experienced the mesmerizing effect of watching fish swim back and forth in a home aquarium. There is something satisfying about watching colorful fish as they glide through the water, but did you know there are health benefits associated with fish gazing? Watching fish swim can have a calming effect and can therefore…

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Rhinehart resident on walking path

Happy To Be Here

On a recent walk with her dog, Precious, Rhinehart resident, Carolyn, admitted that she was uncertain about moving to Good Shepherd. She watched, prayed, waited, and eventually did move here. Carolyn started connecting with people right away – from the first person she met, another Carolyn, to a staff member who also has the same…

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Cottage Gardens: Built with Seniors in Mind

The Cottages of Good Shepherd have constructed two gardens especially with our senior residents in mind.  Unlike the lawn and flowerbed areas maintained by Good Shepherd, these gardens are for residents of the Cottages who still love gardening in their retirement.  The raised flowerbed sections boast wide ledges perfectly placed for sitting so residents don’t…

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October 2014 Update

Breast Cancer AwarenessOctober 4th is this years’ Arkansas Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, that is a Saturday, Downtown Little Rock. For more information click here and look for ‘Watch Komen TV’ – this is an award-winning, quarterly broadcast about the work we do daily and the people who make it possible for us to advance…

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The Cottages at Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd will celebrate the grand opening of our newest housing option, The Cottages at Good Shepherd, at 2901 Aldersgate Road in Little Rock on Friday, Oct. 19. Festivities will begin with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 4 p.m., followed by a reception until 6 p.m. The Cottages bring high-quality, independent senior living to Little Rock,…

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Be Creative!

Good Shepherd has many talented individuals living in our midst, including some talented painters. Painting is a good activity for seniors. Aside from the pleasure it brings, painting has many physical, mental, spiritual, and social benefits as well. Art makes us more human; it helps us to communicate in a different, personal language and nurtures…

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Brain Boost for Book Lovers

People often say the book is better than the movie. Scientists who study brain function agree. Research shows processing information by reading it gives you more of a mental workout than simply watching it unfold on a screen. Reading activates your imagination and insight. Exercise yours on National Book Lovers’ Day, Aug 9th.

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The Power of Flowers

You’ve probably heard the old saying “Stop and smell the roses.” Researchers confirm that taken literally, it’s good advice. The scent of fresh flowers or floral scents in general can boost your mood, lower stress and even encourage friendliness. If you don’t favor these fragrances, simply taking in the color of flowers can kindle positive…

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WII Bowling: More than Just a Game

A growing number of seniors are playing video games, according to hubpages.com. This increased interest in video games is a positive trend because they have real social, health, and brain benefits. Video games improves mental health by providing cognitive stimulation as well as eye-hand coordination. The mental stimulation combined with the social interaction combats depression. The movement…

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